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San Remo has been the pasta people since 1936. That’s over 80 years of sharing the traditions and culture of pasta making.
Since the very beginning, we have always believed that in good times or bad, a great pasta meal has the power to bring people together. And as we laugh, cry, and love around the dinner table, these moments become part of our family’s story.
From our family to yours, we hope that the authentic values and passion we pour into every San Remo pasta product help you to continue making these memorable moments together.

All San Remo Gluten Free Pasta products are manufactured in our exclusively gluten-free facility in Italy, with robust quality and food safety measures in place. No gluten-containing products/raw materials are handled in our manufacturing site. For each batch of ingredients, we receive, we require certificates of analysis from our suppliers showing that gluten is absent in the ingredients they supply.
San Remo’s Pulse Pasta range uses pulses such as Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas and Borlotti Beans to produce an alternative to traditional wheat pasta.
The pasta has 65% more protein, 25% less carbs, 4 times more fibre than traditional pasta and is gluten free.